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Songs Play List

This window is composed out of two sections; each one shows a play list, a right one for player A, and a left one for player B. There are different buttons to handle these play lists:

1· Add a Song

This button lets you add one or more songs to the play list, using a Windows’ browsing dialogue.

2· Delete a Song

This button enables you to delete songs from the play list according to the user’s selection. This action does not affect the database. A keyboard shortcut has been associated to this button, the DEL key.

3· Select All Songs

This button selects all songs of the play list in a single move.

4· Invert Selection

This button inverts your last selection.

5· Move up a song

This button moves the selected song one step up, giving it a playing priority.

6· Move down a song

This button moves the selected song one step down, decreasing the playing priority.

7· Open a PlayList

This button lets you open a Winamp play list file in .m3u format.

8· Save a playlist

This button enables you to save a play list, using Winamp’s .m3u format.

9· Graphic equalizer

This button enables you to setup the graphic equalizer by right clicking.

10· Single play function

This function allows you to select single or continuous play. Single play will return a song to it’s cue point when it has completely been played. Continuous play will play the entire play list until the last song has completely been played.

11· Song selection

This button allows you to select the song in the playlist.