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Mixing MP3 becomes easy as pie !

NewDJ was conceived to make technical aspects of mixing and musical animation as simple as a mouse click. Thanks to its advanced technology, mixing with such professionalism and precision is easier than ever before.

NewDJ integrates a double MP3 player, speed regulation features, as well as a BPM detector. You can also prepare and schedule a mix of several hundreds of songs to animate a true musical marathon all trhough the night , just like the dj that you are.

NewDJ Hecules Edition

"NewDj Hercules Edition"
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With the New Dj system :

  • Thousands of songs immediately available.

  • An automatic library organized following the criterions used by most Dj’s. (bpm, gender, artist…)

  • Lots of real time effects for MP3 files or directly for the audio-cd’s.

  • Real time « Loops » and« Cue-points ».

  • Automatic detection of the BPM.

  • Mix using the tempo.

  • Change skins “on the fly”(while broadcasting).

  • Record you music mixes and your voice in real time.

  • Automatic level normalizer (Auto Gain Control).

  • Automatic mix on input and output points according to the signal level.

  • Real time voice effects.

        And many others to discover...

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