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The "Pro" version of New DJ for Mp3 mixing, proposes all the functions of the "Standard" version with :

. All dj effects sounds (3 on the "Standard" version)
. Directx plugins effects
. Winamp compatible plugins effects and visualization
. Microphone effects
. "Reverse Play"
. Effects during broadcasting
. Pitch variation without changing the speed (only the voice tone)
. Master tempo variation limited to +/-12% on this product "Standard" version. The"Pro" allows a variation up to +/-50%.

. 3 cue points, only one on the "Standard" version
. 3 loops, only one on the "Standard" version
. Jingles.

. Autopilot function (random or sequential play)
. AGC (Automatic Gain Control)
. Automatic mixing in the "Pro" version, only classic mixing with the "Standard"
. Function Clock play. Allows to program a playlist to start in "x" minutes or at a specific hour
. Illimited skin-changing, only 2 skins with the "Standard" version
. "bpm" field in the "Pro" version database with automatic bpm detection and "Rating" field which enables to rank songs
. Input and output detection of each song according to its signal level
. Software control through keyboard
. Recording function into various formats (wma, mp3, ogg ...). With the "Standard" version only in .wav
. Plays all DirectShow compatible file formats. Supported codecs of the "Standard" version : only wav, wma, mp3 and cda.


To have an exhaustive look of the functions , we invite you to consult the help manual.
Help manual of New Dj


The Hercules "Dj-Console" :

Control the NewDj through an external
USB console !

This item is composed out of several
soundcards, a microphone and mouse
input. Easy to install and to use, it is
self-powered thanks to its USB plug,
external power is not needed.

"Hercules Dj-Console” and NewDj ...
Freedom and power in your animations.

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